This website was created by, and is maintained by Mr. John Mills.
It is the second website I have run for the bowling club.
The first website, which was hosted by Northcliffe Electronic Publishing, was created when I was Chairman of the club, before 2006. After I had updated the website ready for the 2011 season, I was sent an email, advising me that NEP had decided to pull out of hosting free community websites, as the software was then more than 10 years old, and they felt it would cost them too much to update it.
After looking at various free sites, based both in this country and abroad, I decided to go with BT Community Kit, which had been recommended by NEP.
So far my experience has been somewhat mixed.
You will see that I have started adding photographs, although I am not entirely certain, how this process works!
I have now been able to create tables for the Leagues in which our teams play.
For the time being, most pages will be narrative, but I am steadily adding new pages as I go.
I have learned through personal experience, that it is best to 'update a page' and 'save' the page at short regular intervals as I type, as it seems it is easy to be 'timed-out' of the website and 'My Account', resulting in any unsaved material being lost, which is quite frustrating.
You may ask why I do this. Having created this site, whilst Club Officials are happy for us to have a website, no one else is willing to do the job instead of me, so it has become a bit of a hobby. And I can work on it whenever I choose. I am told by the Club Secretary that no other club member understands how to run the website. Our present domain name agreement runs out in 2020, so you may have to put up with me until then.

Please be aware that any views expressed are personal to me.

I hope you enjoy looking at this website, and are encouraged to visit our club, and also to join us.

Please ring 01732 835608 and speak to Mrs Brenda Bennett

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