This is an annual competition between selected teams in our area, consisting of both Men's and Ladies teams.

The playing format is 4 Men's Rinks and 2 Ladies Triples.

Points are awarded for each rink and triple according to a win, loss or a draw, and also for a winning total of shots overall.

There are 10 Men's teams, and 9 Ladies teams.

Only one match per team is played in each season, so the venue alternates from season to season.

In addition there is a Kent Millennium League Trophy competition involving the Men, which is a knock-out competition.
Some clubs have asked for a ladies competition, but at the time of writing insufficient clubs have been willing to enter to make a Ladies Competition viable. 

In the past I have maintained league tables for the Men's and Ladies teams, but providing accurate up-to-date information on these leagues has become increasingly difficult, as the person charged with forwarding the appropriate information on the current situation has become increasingly reluctant to do so. Consequently, I have decided to stop doing this. If you want to know how Holmesdale Men and Ladies are progressing, I suggest you contact our Club Secretary - Mrs Brenda Bennett.       


Please ring 01732 835608 and speak to Mrs Brenda Bennett

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