Prior to 2002 the Club was organised into separate Men's and Ladies Sections plus a General Committee. Then this was changed. 

The General Situation

Nowadays ours is a combined Club without separately organised Men's and Ladies Sections.
Just two Committees run the Club - The Management Committee, responsible for general policy matters, and The Bowling Committee, responsible for the day-to-day running of the Club.
The Constitution was changed to reflect this and the By-laws amended. Experience has led to small adjustments to both. 

The Management Committee

This consists of the President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Club Captains and four Members' Nominees voted in at each Annual General Meeting. This Committee meets every other month throughout the year.

The Bowling Committee

This consists of the Hon. Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Men's Captain, Ladies Captain, Midweek Captain and their respective Vice-Captains. It meets once a month during the playing season, and also prior to the start of the season.
It is also responsible for running In-house Club Competitions.

The Playing Season

As an outdoor Club, we only play bowls during the Spring and Summer. The first Club Match is played at the end of April, and our last Club Match is played at the end of September. Our lighthearted in-house competition, The Tetley League, is generally played during September and rounds off our playing season.

Official Club Colours

These are Red, Yellow and Green, are listed in our By-laws and are registered with KCBA. These colours were chosen from those which appear on our Blazer Badge. The Official Men's Tie is made up of these colours in diagonal stripes repeated throughout the length of the tie. The Official Ladies Bows are in the same colours and design as the men's ties. Our Official Bowls Stickers also match these colours, as does our Club Flag. In 2009 we reversed the colours of the stickers, so that yellow appears on the left and red on the right, with green wording. The word 'Holmesdale' is now predominantly on yellow, which is more distinctive, and the complete wording is "Holmesdale Bowls", in line with our Club shirts and blouses. The Official Club Shirts, individually styled for both men and ladies, are also in our Club Colours.

Please ring 01732 835608 and speak to Mrs Brenda Bennett

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