Hadlow provide the League President this year - Chris Roser. The Semi-Finals will be played at Hadlow on 30th July.

The Round One will be played on 18th June. Holmesdale will play Westerham, and Montreal Park will play Vale. 

Montreal Park were unable to field a team, so Vale had a walkover.

Holmesdale won their match 47 shots to Westerham 29 shots on 18th June.

Holmesdale won their match by a walk-over on 2nd July.

Holmesdale won their match 38 shots to Borough Green 22 shots on 16th July.

Holmesdale won their match 35 shots to St. Georges 32 shots in the semi-final on 30th July.

Holmesdale lost their Final Match against Tonbridge which was played at Sevenoaks BC on 9th August. Holmesdale 26 shots to Tonbridge 39 shots. Well done the Holmesdale Team.


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