Finals Day was held on Sunday 7th September, with one match being played on Saturday 6th September. We had dry weather all day, cloudy at first, but the sun came out in the afternoon and we had some very close matches, but also some where the result looked inevitable from early on in the game.
Late in the afternoon, cream teas were on offer once again, as popular as ever.

Men's Singles.
Bob Webb beat Keith Young, 21 shots - 19 shots.

Ladies Singles.
Barbara Lynch beat Brenda Bennett, 21 shots - 15 shots.

Men's Pairs.
Bill Gravener & Norman Roud beat George Thompson & David Cowland, 18 shots - 17 shots.

Ladies Pairs.
Denise Smith & Angela Flint beat Barbara Lynch & Sally Burton, 25 shots - 7 shots.

Mixed Pairs.
Rob Lynch & Angela Flint beat David Cowland & Jose Young, 27 shots - 9 shots.

Mixed Triples.
Brenda Reader, Barbara Stevenson & Nick Lynch beat Jessie Thompson, Barry Jenner & Sally Burton,
30 shots - 5 shots.

Three sets of Seven.
Brenda Bennett beat Angela Flint, 7-0, 7-1.

Mixed Open Singles.
George Thompson beat Roy Bowyer, 21 shots - 12 shots.

Men's Handicap.
Rob Lynch beat Roy Bowyer (+10), 24 shots - 14 shots.

15 Ends with 3 Woods.
Angela Flint beat Nick Lynch, 16 shots - 10 shots.

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