The AGM took place on Friday 28th November 2014.

The Agenda, Official Reports and a Copy of the Accounts have been sent club members.

The following have been elected as Club Officers for coming year.

Club President is Mr John Aldous.
Club Chairperson - Mr Robert Lynch.
Hon. Secretary - Mrs Brenda Bennett.
Hon. Treasurer - Mrs Jose Young.
Match Secretary - Mr Nick Lynch.
Men's Captain - Mr Keith Young.
Ladies Captain - Mrs Mary Chapman.
Mid-week Captain - Mrs Barbara Lynch and Mrs Denise Smith.
Four Members' Nominees - Mrs Brenda Reader, Mrs Jean Jones,
Mrs Jan Cooper and Mr Mick Wright.

Honorary Examiners have been elected for the ensuing year.

Following the closure of the AGM, there was the usual opportunity to raise
matters of Club interest in Open Forum.

Please ring 01732 835608 and speak to Mrs Brenda Bennett

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