Our Finals Day was held on Sunday 9th September starting at 10.00am. We were lucky with the weather as it was sunny all day until the end of the last matches. It was rather hot for the afternoon matches. A light buffet was served to those present from 3.30pm onwards.

Men's Championship. Ian Werry Trophy. 21 shots.
Winner - Keith Young, 22 shots.
Runner-up - Tony Brearley, 11 shots.

Ladies Championship. Lionel Dixon Bowl. 21 shots.
Winner - Angela Flint, 22 shots.
Runner-up - Brenda Bennett, 19 shots.

Men's Pairs. L.A. Malleson Trohy. 21 ends.
Winners - George Thompson, Mick Smith, 27 shots.
Runners-up - John Mills, David Cowland, 12 shots.

Ladies Pairs. Lilian Clarke Shield. 21 ends.
Winners - Jan Cooper, Barbara Lynch, 17 shots.
Runners-up - Denise Smith, Mary Chapman, 16 shots.

Mixed Pairs. Jimmy Hogg Trophy. 21 ends.
Winners - Roy, Bowyer, Barbara Lynch, 23 shots.
Runners-up - Barbara Stevenson, Mick Smith, 12 shots.

Mixed Triples. Bill Pelling Cup. 18 ends.
Winners - Joan Bowyer, Peter Kelly, Ron Reader, 24 shots.
Runners-up - Barbara Stevenson, Denis Standing, 12 shots. (Norman Bourne was in hospital and unable to play.

Men's Handicap. Jack Carey Trophy. 21 shots.
Winner - Tony Brearley, 21 shots.
Runner-up - Rob Lynch, 7 shots.

Open Singles. Harold Temple Cup. 21 shots.
Winner - Tony Brearley, 21 shots.
Runner-up - George Thompson, 7 shots.

Open Singles. Alf Jackman Cup. 15 ends, 3 woods.
Winner - John Mills, 11 shots.
Runner-up, David Cowland, 9 shots.

Open Singles. Nuton Probut Cup. 100 Up.
Winner - Angela Flint, 104.
Runner-up - Mary Chapman, 54.

Open Singles. Fred Elston Cup. Best of 3 sets of 7 shots.
Winner, Ron Reader, 2 sets.
Runner-up, Denise Smith, 0 sets.

2 Wood Singles. Tom Clark Cup. 21 ends.
Winner - Brenda Bennett, 14 shots.
Runner-up, Angela Flint, 11 shots.

Markers for the Singles Matches - Jean Jones, Rob Lynch, Ken Butts,Janet Ford, John Mills, Peter Kelly.

Competition Secretary - Tony Brearley.


Please ring 01732 835608 and speak to Mrs Brenda Bennett

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